Leviathan Sentinel - Siggraph 2018 - Texturing Workflow Demo

Making Of / 21 October 2018

Hi CG friend,

My Leviathan model was a part of the show at the Foundry's booth. My friend Paul H. Paulino (https://www.artstation.com/paulhpaulino) gave a quick demo about his texturing workflows and how he usually organize textures for a hero asset in production.

This demo focuses on one of the most underrated topics when it comes to texture workflows.

More detailed breakdown about this method soon oh his website http://www.paulhpaulino.com/articles/ 

Stay tuned ! :)


Siggraph 2018 - Leviantan Sentinel Texturing workflow Demo

Making Of / 09 August 2018

Dear friends,

This year I will be present digitally at the siggraph 2018 through my work which will be represented by Paul H. paulino around 11:45 am on August 15th at the Foundry booth !
Paul will share some smart texturing workflows that he used for our #LeviathanSentinel project.
For those who can not wait, the demo will be recorded and shared later.

I put a lot of energy to design/model this mech, so this is a great honor to see it in such a great event !

Many Thanks !! ;)